Credit Card Debt Attorney in Royal Oak, MI

Axiomatically, debt-repayment for credit cards is an endless battle. You will be receiving numerous phone calls from credit card companies or debt collection agencies. One might not be aware that having mounting credit debts opens the possibility of getting sued. This happens when you stop paying or fall behind your payments. The credit card company, when this happens, has the legal right to file a case against you. 

Getting sued can have a negative impact on both your career and reputation. If you don’t want this to happen, it is crucial to get in touch with an experienced Bankruptcy Attorney. 

Hammerschmidt Stickradt & Associates is a highly credible bankruptcy firm in Michigan. Every financial disaster of yours must come to an end because you deserve financial freedom. We are experts in bankruptcy and debt collection defense, and have been helping many clients for many years. This allows us to develop a wide knowledge of the Bankruptcy Code and Debt Collection Laws.  If you need us to get out of debt, don’t hesitate to schedule a free consultation now!

Seeking Financial Freedom?

How would you like to wake up not worrying about your creditors or loan balances? Our Michigan Bankruptcy Attorneys can help you attain new financial freedom! Worried about the cost? We offer payment plans for all budgets and a free credit rebuilding program!

Why do I need a Credit Card Debt Attorney in Michigan?

credit card debt attorney To counter a potential legal action, legal action is required. If you fall behind on your credit card payments, you may be sued by a debt collector. Credit card companies and other debt collectors are aggravating. They have the capacity to annoy you if they so desire. Calling you at all hours of the day and night, calling your family and friends, calling your workplace, and so on. 

We understand how frustrating this is for you, hence, this guide will help you in choosing the right credit card debt attorney. Take note of the following qualities:

  • Allows Affordable Payment Plans – Because your financial situation is unstable, you deserve special consideration in order to get out of debt or prevent a lawsuit. Look for a law firm that can provide affordable compensation plans and options. There should be no room for any hesitation when trying to seek legal help.
  • Quick to Respond – Not only must the law firm be quick to respond to your inquiries, but must also be a strategic thinker capable of providing quick legal solutions. Examine the law firm’s website, read the reviews, and see if there is a free consultation button. Choose a law firm that values your time and makes a sincere effort to meet your needs.
  • Wide Knowledge and Competency – Remember that once a lawsuit is filed against you, your reputation may be jeopardized. This can affect your career in a lot of ways. Choosing an experienced bankruptcy attorney with extensive knowledge and skills in bankruptcy and credit card debts should thus be your primary consideration. This gives you a good level of assurance that you are in good hands.

Hammerschmidt Stickradt & Associates is the best choice if you are looking for a genuine and trusted bankruptcy firm! We certainly understand your undue hardship, and we offer affordable plans so you don’t have to worry about attorney fees. Payment plans are available for all budgets. Our strategic approach will assist you in getting out of debt! Let us hear your situation by setting up a free consultation now! 

When Can You Get Sued For A Credit Card Debt?

When you fall behind on your credit card payments or simply stop paying them, you may be sued. You can be sued to recover the amount of your unsecured debts through the collector employed by your credit card company.

When You Violated The Contract

If you can still recall, you signed an agreement, either in writing or electronically, when you got your credit card. That contract was created to legally bind both of your responsibilities and rights. Failure to make regular payments or falling behind thereof constitutes a breach or violation of the contract. If a violation was committed, the credit card company has the right to sue you.

A Collection Agency Can Purchase the Delinquent Credit Card Debt 

Getting sued does not happen overnight. The credit card company will continue to try to reduce its losses by selling the delinquent credit card debt to a debt collector. When a debt collector purchases it, the latter becomes the legal owner of the debt. It will have the same legal authority as your original creditor. If you are still unable to settle the debt, the debt collector may legitimately resell it. This can continue until a debt collector refers the delinquent debt to an attorney’s office for litigation.

The Debt Collection Agency’s Law Firm Will Then Sue You In The Competent State Court

The attorney will not file a legal complaint against you right away. Once it reaches their office, they will give you one last chance to prevent the lawsuit. If a negotiation cannot be reached, the company’s attorney will file a lawsuit. You will be made responsible for the full amount of the lawsuit if you do not try and protect yourself.

What is Credit Card Debt?

These are the types of unsecured debts incurred by credit card loans. Debtors, or sometimes called borrowers can get credit card debts by having several credit card accounts with different credit limits and terms. Every credit card possessed by a borrower will be tracked and reported by credit bureaus. In most cases, almost all of the outstanding debt listed on the borrower’s credit report is credit card debt, as these types of accounts remain open indefinitely.

Call our Credit Card Debt Attorney Now!

Credit card debt can be highly disturbing in your life. Perplexing collection activities can cause stress as you’ve never felt before. Many people will perceive you as a criminal due to the acts of the debt collectors. If you think this is the end, the good news is no. You can actually reverse this! By choosing the right bankruptcy lawyer, you can stop the legal complaint against you.

Here in Hammerschmidt Stickradt & Associates, we provide genuine care for you and your family. We understand that all situations are interconnected, so we prioritize your financial health. We take a strategic approach while remaining affordable. 

We will apply our acquired knowledge and skills to successfully resolve your financial issues successfully!  Other than bankruptcy, we also handle Automatic Stay in Bankruptcy, Abusive Creditors, Stop Foreclosure, and Wage Garnishment. If you or someone you know is in need of our services, request a free consultation now!